Thursday, December 30, 2010

Some News from Hungary

Hungarian government is going totally crazy before the coutry overtakes teh EU presidentship on January 1, 2011.
Here are some links:

Belarus, go!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

STILL ♥ING ACTIVISM Festival in Wien

One week of fireworks of emancipator practice and theory. From people, initiatives and projects that want make conditions against racist, sexist and antisemitic 'normal being' dance. Repression wants to intimidate and make invisible not us only.  But the desire for a mutually supportive interaction lets suppress itself through either through prisons, deportation and "safe areas", or prohibition to beg or other seemingly moral actions.
Fight Repression! Love Activism!

Eine Woche Feuerwerk emanzipativer Praxen und Theorien. Von Menschen, Initiativen und Projekten, die die Verhältnisse gegen den rassistischen, sexistischen und antisemitischen “Normalzustand” zum Tanzen bringen wollen. Repression will, nicht nur uns, einschüchtern und unsichtbar machen. Doch das Begehren nach einem solidarischen Miteinander lässt sich weder durch Gefängnisse, Abschiebungen und “Schutzzonen”, noch Bettelverbote oder andere scheinmoralische Maßnahmen unterdrücken.
Fight Repression! Love Activism!

Audimax of the University Wien is Occupied!!!

Following general assemblies at universities across Austria about 20,000 people joined protests linked to the "Global Wave of Action for Education" in various cities! 15,000 of them in the capital Vienna alone.

Following the demonstration close to 1,000 students stormed the largest lecture hall and re-occupied the "Audimax" at the University of Vienna!!!
It is still being squatted by hundreds until now!

Check out the "live-stream":
More from Indymedia Austria:

Noone is Illegal Protest in front of the Polish Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine on 22 October 2010

22 жовтня о 16-00 незалежні профспілки, представники лівих рухів та організацій, антифашисти України проведуть пікетування польської амбасади (вул. Ярославів Вал, 12) під лозунгом «жодна людина не є нелегальною» з вимогами прискорити легалізацію заробітчан, що не мають офіційного статусу у Польщі. У формі театралізованого перформансу буде продемонстрована тяжкість життя заробітчанина-нелегала. У це же день у Варшаві відбудеться пікетування Сейму з тими самими вимогами, у ньому візьмуть участь також заробітчани з України, ліві та анархісти з Польщі.

Student protests against commercialization of education in Ukraine

On October 12, over 20000 Ukrainian students came to the streets to protest the decision of the government to allow public universities to introduce new burdening fees. A total of 15 cities were protesting, fromthe West to the East of the country. Major rallies were held in Kiev, Lviv, Kharkov, Uzhhorod and Simferopol. Rivne, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zhitomir, Kamyanets-Podolsk, Sumy, Khmelnitsky, Kirovograd, Lugansk, Lutsk and Sevastopol were protesting as well.

A Város Mindenkié (The City for Everyone) walking demonstration in Budapest on 17 October

A Város Mindenkié (The City for Everyone) walking demonstration took place on 17 October 2010 in Budapest. The call for the demo and the description from one newspaper - below in Hungarian. I will provide an English translation later.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Political Arrests in Belarus

For two days six detainees are under arrest in connection with the attack on the embassy of Russia. The arrests are going on...

Friday, July 9, 2010

LGBT Pride in Budapest: What Happened?

Indymedia Austria about the Pride (with further links):
Antiracist blog - a very detailed article:

Antifa Hungary:

LGBT Pride in Budapest

Budapest Gay Pride Parade is largest Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender event in Hungary. Budapest Gay Pride Parade 2010 will mark 15th anniversary of the event with one week long cultural event in Budapest.
This year Budapest Gay Pride Festival is taking place from July 4th to July 11th 2010. The March itself is going to happen on 10 July. As usual, behind the fences and with a lot of police due to a hue number of angry neo-nazis around that 'by chance' organize some demo in another part of the city and then may gather around the place where the Pride takes place.
The Pride expects thousands of participants, both from Hungary and abroad + various groups including Antifa Hungary, Rhythms of Resistance drummers from Vienna and Berlin  and the Pink Block Radical Cheer Leaders, as well as different LGBT organizations and Amnesty International Hungary.
See you in the streets!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Belgrade 6 are Free!!!

Belgrade 6 are free of any charges!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Solidarity Appeal from Ukraine: Stop Repression of Student Trade Union


Dear Comrades!

We are an Independent Student Union, “Priama Dija” (“Direct Action”) and we ask for your support.

The case is that for over the last six months, the union has been under unprecedented pressure. Everything started with our series of successful actions (together with other youth organizations) against the establishment of fees for previously free services in the universities, against cutting funds for scholars and against the plans to suspend scholarships for students who received even a single grade of “3”- (C). Ever since then, the intelligence services, together with the administration of the National Taras Shevchenko University of Kiev, are carrying out a whole campaign of pressure against the union's activists. All available measures are used against them, including intimidation and repression.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


On 7 April feminists from CEU Gender studies organized a performance against the commercial (sponsored by P&G, advertisement of washing powder) exhibition “Great innovations for women” at Gödör, which relies entirely on gender stereotypes and makes false assumptions about women’s lives. The open-air exhibition at the very entrance of the club is a collection of giant things such as a vacuum cleaner, a washing machine, a bra, a lipstick, pants etc.

International Roma Day at Morze Infoshop

Morze Infoshop presents

'Without Rights'
 a film by TASZ (the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union)

Place: Tűzraktér
Time: 19.30
Date: 8 April: International Roma Day

During the aftermath of murders in Tatárszentgyörgy in 2009 TASZ (the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union) began visiting villages around the town of Ózd to support Hungarian Roma/Gypsies living in the area. With advocacy tools provided by the TASZ (HCLU), they assisted these communities advocate for themselves and effectively fight discrimination.
Why would a local government pass a law that forces clubs to close at 10pm, in an area where the only place open at that time happens to be Romani? How can someone be accused of carrying 700kg of wood on a bicycle? How can a case be labelled as a false alarm when the whole street witnessed a gun being pointed at a pregnant woman? How can the parents of six children be put in prison for two of their children skipping school?

Discussion after the film with Balázs Denes (TASZ) and activists from Amnesty International Hungary

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nationalism and antifa movements in ex-Soviet countries

Infoshop event: Nationalism and antifa movements in ex-Soviet countries.
Case studies: Russia and Ukraine

How safe is it for a person of a non-Caucasian appearance to walk in the streets of Moscow? Will you be sure that you can get home safe after a concert of a band propagating anti-racism and anti-fascism in Kiev? Did you know that in 2009 more than 60 people were killed and more than 250 people were injured due to racism based violence? Did you know what unites Ukrainian and Russian nationalists that used to hate each other after the collapse of the USSR?

We will tr to find answers to these questions during the event. We will watch short videos illustrating current struggle between nationalist and
antifascist activists in Russia and Ukraine, and afterwards I will provide the discourse of these movements in both countries. The discussion will

Thursday, 1 April, 19-30, Tuzrakter, Infoshop (follow the pointers).

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Morze Infoshop in April

Bridge over the Wadi - Film Screening at the Infoshop

Morze Infoshop Presents:
Bridge over the Wadi (Tomer Heymann&Barak Heymann,2008, 55 min):
movie screening and workshop about a peace struggles of Palestinian and Israeli people.

Time & Date:
19-30, Thursday, March 25

Tuzrakter, Hegedu u. 3: most probably in the Apro ter (the room to the right from the entrance. Just in case, follow the pointers saying 'Bridge over the Wadi'.

For the first time in Israel, a group of Arab and Jewish parents decide to establish a conjoint bi-national, bi-lingual school inside an Arab village.The film follows the school's first year and portrays through the personal stories of its characters, how complicated and fragile is the attempt to create an environment of co-existence against the backdrop of the complicated reality around.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

After BolognaBurns Discussion

We had quite an interesting discussion about the outcomes of BolognaBurns actions and student movement activation in Budapest.
Here are audio files:

Bologna Burns - the Best Video

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Music against Racism

ZARE (Music Against Racism) hereby invites you for its event of
International Day against Racism

Date: Sunday, 21 March 2010, 4:30 p.m.
Venue: Gödör Club, Erzsébet square, Budapest
Host: Marcell Lőrincz, co-ordinator of ZARE

The guests of honour:

H.E. Eleni Tsakopoulos Kounalakis, Ambassador of the United States
H.E. Cecilia Björner, Ambassador of Sweden
Ms Dawn McKen, Deputy Head of the British Embassy

During the speeches consecutive interpretation will be provided.
R.S.V.P. to

Zene A Rasszizmus Ellen - ZARE (Music Against Racism) is a movement initiated by the British Embassy, following the footsteps of British Rock Against Racism (RAR) and Love Music Hate Racism  (LMHR). The aim of the movement is to take a stand against racism. Using the language of music, we hope to join people to support tolerance and stand up together for the rights and equality of all people.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bologna Burns: What Happened in Vienna on 11-14 March - a Discussion

We are pleased to invite you to the Infoshop meeting this Friday at 7p.m. to discuss the outcomes of the anti-Bologna demo and counter-summit in Vienna, and also to discuss the possibility of student activism and student movements in Budapest.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bologna Burns in Wien - Follow-up

The demo and the blockades on 11 March were successful, at least the politicians wo came to the Summit in Vienna had to admit 'Austrians have big problems with the implementation of Bologna" based on the demo and the blockades they experienced. The alternative summit and the workshops that took place on 12 and 13 March were also very informative and good for establishing a common platform of student struggle for the future.
Overall, it was a good opportunity for students from a number of European countries to gather in one place, and also to discuss burning topics related to education and student movements.
Here are some links to the videos, photos and pieces of news about the Bologna Burns demo in Vienna:

Bologna Burns ticker:
'Ministers Celebrate - Students Protest':
'Anti-Bologna Demo blocked the Ministers':
About the blockade:
Bologna not understood:
Photos:   -  here you can scroll down for more pics from Flickr

The demo:
The demo again:
Blocked shuttles with the summit participants:
The Parliamet siege:
Police again:

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bologna Burns in Vienna!!!

Students preparing for the “2010 Bologna Ministerial Conference“ in Vienna

Vienna (22nd February 2010) – Students are preparing for the “2010 Bologna Ministerial Conference“ in Vienna and Budapest. In addition to a variety of creative campaigns and demonstrations, students have organized an alternative summit. Guests from all over Europe have announced their participation.


On March 11th and 12th 2010 education ministers from 46 countries will gather for an “Extraordinary Anniversary Ministerial Conference” in Budapest and Vienna. The Bologna process has changed European universities, not only through the often catastrophic implementation of the Bachelor/Master system. The shortcomings of the Bologna Declaration and the incompetent implementation of the Action Lines cannot merit a celebration of the process. Because of this, the “unsereuni – our uni”student movement is organizing the “Bologna Action Days” from March 10th -14th 2010.

On Thursday, March 11th, an international demonstration with the slogan “United against cuts in education and social services – our future in our hands” will take place, starting at 3 PM at the Vienna Westbahnhof. A broad call for support from students organising the demonstration has reached a large number of organisations and unions.

Teaching and research staff at Vienna’s universities, for example the Technical University of Vienna, will hold staff meetings in preparation for the protests. There will be strike measures at several universities, including the University of Applied sciences, FH Campus Wien. Classes will be cancelled on March 11th and 12th.

Alternative Summit

From March 12th to 14th students are organising an Alternative Summit at the University Campus in Vienna. The program will offer a number of workshops dealing with various areas in education politics and a final panel discussion. Participants will include Christian Felber from ATTAC Austria, the journalist and author Robert Misik and the sociologist Andreas Keller from the German education trade union.

International Guests

Guests from many European countries have announced their participation at the Alternative Summit and the demonstration in Vienna. Apart from providing space for discussion of European and international consequences of the Bologna process and related developments, the alternative events taking place in Vienna between March 11th and 14th are intended as a platform for international networking and exchanging protest experiences with fellow students from all over Europe.
Around 20 people are coming to Vienna from Budapest too :)

Bologna Burnt in Budapest

On 9 March two events related to Bologna process took place in Budapest: a workshop and a demonstration.

The worksop took place at CEU from 2-30 until 4-00. There were 22 people who attended teh workshop. It started with a speech of Dr. Liviu Matei about Bologna system and its place in higher education, as well as some implications of this system and the need for it. Further, some statistical data were presented by Freddie followed by a discussion about the Bologna system and its positive and negative sides. Afterward, one of the organizers of the Bologna Burns from Vienna told about the preparations in Vienna for the actions and about the autumn occupations of the universities.

At 6 p.m. we moved to Astoria where the demo was to take place. There were around 30 people at the demo. We were holding 3 transparencies:
"Nobody asked us -"
"B.A.? M.A.? BSc? MSc? Minket nem kérdeztek!"
"As oktatas nem elado - Education is not for sale"
Although it was pretty cold outside, we managed to stay there around one hour. During this time we were discussing the Bologna system, its implementation in Hungary, the activism of Hungarian students etc. All the passers by seemed to be interested in waht was going on, and some were also approaching us and we were explaining the meaning of the demo.

Despite the fact it was not that umerous, we strongly believe that it was a good start for raising consciousness of students in Hungary and a contribution to internetional students' movement.
More pics here

Sunday, March 7, 2010

8 March

There is a huge bunch of activities at CEU on 8 March. The gender department organizes a party /activities from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m., and afterward the Infoshop organizes a creative march for feminist rights and against oppression of women  + a workshop about a male anti-sexist autonomous self-help group.

Bologna Burns in Budapest!

Morze Infoshop is pleased to invite you to a workshop on Bologna process on the 9th of March at Central European University. It has been ten years since the Bologna education process was introduced into the European universities and it is still controversial. On March 11 and 12 2010 the education ministers of 46 European countries will celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Bologna process in Budapest and Vienna accordingly. Considering the current situation and the ongoing protests in many European Universities this celebration is a mockery for all of us. We believe that there is nothing to celebrate.

Student occupations started in Vienna in autumn 2009 and this flame of blockades spread all around the world. The main reasons were protesting against commercialization of education and criticizing the system which produces workforce dictated by the capitalist market. Students in Vienna are planning to have protests and the counter summit on 11th-14th March (

Budapest joins the Austrian colleagues and would like to attract attention to the issue of Bologna system and its implementation in Hungary.

The program of the 9th of March looks as follows:

15-00 - 17-30: Central European University (5th district, Nador u. 9), Geller Room
A discussion on the Bologna Process, the massive student protest planned in Vienna on the 11th-4th, and its relationship with the broader student movement. The discussion leaders include members of the Vienna Student Movement "Bologna Burns", a keynote speaker Dr. Liviu Matei from the Department of Public Policy at CEU, and students with first-hand experience in student occupations. There will also be information about travel to Vienna on the 11th for the counter-summit and the blockade of the Bologna summit.

17:30 - 19-30: in front of the ELTE Campus in Astoria, Muzeum krt. 4-6

Directly following the discussion, all are invited to participate in a demonstration in front of ELTE Campus in Astoria against the 10th anniversary celebration of Bologna system.

For the information in Hungarian check

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tilos Radio: Roma Holocaust Demo

Date: Saturday, February 13, 2010
Time: 3:00pm - 3:30pm
Location: Roma Holokauszt emlékmű
Street:    IX. ker. Nehru part

Valaki vagy valakik megint meggyalázták a Roma Holokauszt emlékművet a budapesti Nehru parton.
Ezért, immáron harmadik alkalommal, jórézésű budapesti polgárok ismét letakarítják.
Felhívunk minden jó érzésű embert, hogy február 13-án, szombaton, 15.00 órakor jöjjön a budapesti Nehru partra a Roma holokauszt emlékműhöz vödörrel, szivaccsal és vízzel, hogy közösen mossuk le a gyalázatot!
Tapasztalataink szerint egyre többen és többen érezték szükségét, hogy maguk is tevékenyen hozzájáruljanak az emlékezés méltóságának helyreállításához. Míg az első alaklommal pár ember, addig másodszorra már több tucatnyian mosták és fényesítették a gránit tömböt, így a mostani alkalommal joggal számíthatunk közel száz fő részvételére. Ezért akciónkat, a törvényi előírásoknak megfelelően, a rendőrségen bejelentettük.
Kezdeményező Clemens Prinz, a Tilos Rádió német nyelvű műsorának munkatársa, műfordító, valamint a Tilos Rádió sok más munkatársa.
Az esemény szervezésében kizárólag pártoktól független magánszemélyek vesznek részt.
Felkérünk mindenkit, hogy megjelenése esetén tartózkodjon a pártokhoz köthető szimbólumok használatától.

2009. november 29-én néhány jóérzésű ember letisztította a Roma Holokauszt emlékművet a Nehru parton, melyet valakik fekáliával szennyeztek be.
2009. decemberben 17-én, miután másodszor is meggyalázták az emlékművét, 30-40 jóérzésű ember ismét letakarította.
Kérjük, hívd meg ismerőseidet, vagy oszd meg az esményt az üzenőfaladon! Köszönjük!

Protest in Zagreb

Zagreb police have detained 23 activists who protested against a construction project to turn an old downtown street into a posh housing and shopping area.
The Right to a City and Green Action groups say the activists were taken to a police station in an early morning raid Thursday.
Police spokeswoman Aleksandra Ljuba says the protesters were detained because they resisted police action to remove huge containers they placed illegally on a downtown street.
The protesters, who claim that a construction will ruin the historical center of Zagreb, placed the containers earlier this week, preventing further construction work. They also held a protest rally Wednesday, joined by more than 1,000 Zagreb residents.

Video and pics:

Ne damo Varsavsku:

Monday, February 8, 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Opera Ball Demo in Budapest


Where / Hol: OUTSIDE the Opera House in Budapest / Operahaznal Budapesten

When / Mikor: 5-00 - 22-00

The 5th kitsch-exhibitionist-egoist-burgeousie Opera Ball will be held INSIDE the Opera House on 13 February, and another counter Street Ball will be held OUTSIDE the Opera House. The Street Ball promises loads of amusement, food, drinks, cheerful music and cool air!

Come and join!!!
Street musicians:Andrew Noble (Pluto)Mouksa (Psychedelic Cowboys)

Immár ötödik éve kerül megrendezésre a giccses-magamutogató-egoista-burzsuj-rongyrázó Operabállal szemben a csóró, de vidám-kedves-harcias-beszólós Utcabál! Az alsó 9.990.000 felhőtlen szórakozására! Jaja, pia, zene, és hideg levegő a helyszínen biztosított.

Utcazenészek egy szál gitárral:
Nemes András (Pluto)
Mouksa (Psychedelic Cowboys)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A General Antifa Demo in Budapest

Saturday, 13 February 2010, 4–9 pm

Budapest, XIII, at the corner of Hollán Ernő Street 
and Budai Nagy Antal Street 

You should be there
if you say ‘no’  to hate and anti-Semitism,
if you want to fight against Nazi ideas,
if you say ‘no’ to racism and violence

    4–5 pm  Assembly
    5 pm  Speeches by public figures
    6–9 pm  Laura Ríz Latin Band. János Kardos Horváth (Kaukázus Band) with the Óperencia Band

    Main organisers:
    Hungarian Anti-fascist League
    Network of Left-Wing Feminists
    Movement of New Socialists
    Movement of Civilians against the Far Right

    As in previous years, Hungarian far right forces are going to commemorate also this year the ill-famed breakout attempt of the German fascist and the Hungarian horthyist troupes from the Buda Castle District glorifying this event. This program serves the neo-Hungarist propaganda that, unfortunately, has been recently allowed to revive.

    We, Hungarian democrats, wish to demonstrate that this repeated shameless endeavour and provocation is met with a sharp condemnation by groups of democratically minded members of society.

    We announce an anti-fascist rally for this day to express our condemnation of the violent far right manifestation which is contemptuous of the human dignity of our fellow countrymen who are blamed for all the troubles that have befallen us and therefore treated as scapegoats.

    Make Bologna History!!!

    Celebrating Bologna? We don't think so.

    International call for participation

    On March 11 and 12 2010 the education ministers of 46 European countries will celebrate the 10-years anniversary of the Bologna-process in Vienna and Budapest.
    Considering the current situation and the ongoing protests in many European Universities this celebration is a mockery for all of us.
    Not only has the Bologna-process clearly failed to achieve the agreed goals of improved mobility; it also led to more restrictions for students and their studies and to greater social selection of access to higher education in general.
    The fact that the entire process is based on the understanding of education as only producing workforce dictated by the market is reflected in the agreed goals. Therefore our aim is not only to measure success or failure of the Bologna-process but furthermore to question the process and its foundations itself. Master and PhD as elite programs, which especially exclude women, introduction of study fees and under-financing of universities as well as de-democratization within the university system are obvious symptoms.
    The difficult financial situation increases the corporate influence on education and scientific research. The orientation of teaching towards corporate interests does not only affect universities, but the entire education sector in general. Hence the possibilities of self-determined and critical learning are restricted.
    In view of this disastrous situation we don't see any reason to celebrate the Bologna-process. The European-wide protests of students, teachers and others show that the economization of education is directed against their interests.
    Therefore the week from 8 to 12 March 2010 shall accompany this conference with demonstrations, strikes and blockades as well as an alternative summit, where we are going to discuss European education policy, as well as the common goals of our protests.

    Monday, February 1, 2010

    Antifa Demo, 13 February, Budapest

    There will be an antifa demo against the Day of Honor in Budapest on 13 February. We start at 4p.m. from HERE. We will just walk to the place where a bigger static demonstration by some NGOs who use antifa rather as populism will be held. 
    Bonus: Antiburgeousie Opera Bal demo in the evening.

    Everywhere we are faced with resurgence of the fascism, sometimes it comes without disguise, while in other cases it is incorporated in the agenda of mainstream politics. As anarchists we understand that fascism is a defense mechanism of the state and capital to secure their survival. In the time of one of the capitalism's inherent crisis, we already see this happening. We feel obliged to take part in the antifascist struggle, yet we also understand it as a necessary part of the struggle against the capitalism. We have no sympathies for the liberal lamentations on racism and exclusion, whose only political mission is the reaffirmation of foundations of the future exploitation and discrimination.

    We are participating in a broad antifascist fronts, yet we fully understand the danger of recuperation of antifascism by the political parties and NGOs, known enemies of the oppressed. We are the part of antifascist struggle pushing for the adoption and implementation of direct democratic methods of decision making, as well as direct action as a method of struggle, within the broader antifascist movement.

    Antifascist struggle, inherently tied with struggle against all the other sorts of social oppression and exploitation, is of outmost importance. The fight against fascism will have no future if it is not closely tied to the struggles of workers, migrants, students for dignity and liberation. To change something we need to change everything.


    Vitán felül áll, hogy jelenleg mindehol a fasiszta eszmék újjáéledésével kell szembenéznünk és megküzdenünk; gyakran azok teljesen nyílt és egyértelmű formájával. Más esetekben a fasizmus álruhát  ölt, ami önmagában nem meglepő, mivel sok vonatkozásában kapcsolódik és áttételeket képez a fősodrú politikával.

    Anarchistákként ez nem meglepő  számunkra, hiszen tudjuk, hogy a fasizmus az állam és a tőke önvédelmi mechanizmusa, szükséges ezek túléléséhez, megmaradásához - ezt a kapitalizmus jelenlegi(egyébként a kapitalizmus természetéből egyenesen következő és elkerülhetetlen) válsága során is megfigyelhetjük. Kötelességünknek érezzük részt venni a fasizmus elleni  harcban, amit a kapitalizmus elleni harcunk természete velejárójaként élünk meg. Elfogadhatatlannak tartjuk a liberális szócséplést, amely színleg elítéli a rasszizmust és a kirekesztést, ugyanakkor  a gyakorlatban csak átmenti ezek intézményeinek hitelét a hitelének jövőbe.

    Átfogó antifasiszta harcot folytatunk, ami magában foglalja az antifasizmus eszméjének visszahódítását az elnyomottak ellenfeleitől, a politikai pártoktól és az azok holdudvarában tevékenykedő bizonyos civil szervezetektől.

    Az antifasiszta harc résztvevőiként élünk a közvetlen demokrácia és a közösségi, horizontális döntéshozatal eszköztárával, ami egyben ezek általános  legitimációjáért vívott harc is.
    A fasizmus elleni küzdelem elmélete és gyakorlata - azok legfontosabb elemeként- az elnyomás és a kizsákmányolás elleni harcból következik.

    Az antifasiszta harcnak semmi értelme és megalapozottsága, amennyiben az nem fonódik össze elválaszthatatlanul  a munkások, menekültek, diákok és minden elnyomott emberi lény méltóságért és szabadságért folytatott harcával. Ahhoz, hogy változtatni tudjunk valamin, mindenen változtatnunk kell.

    Saturday, January 23, 2010

    Antiracist Time is Coming!

    1) Antifa demo in Budapest on 13 February:
    2) Antiracist week in March:
    3) Antiracist events in 2010:


    On Consumerism and it's crucial importance for the System

    Sunday, January 17, 2010

    URGENT support needed for the Ukrainian and Russian Anti-fascists!

    URGENT support needed for the Ukrainian and Russian Anti-fascists!

    Surveillance over Belorussian and Ukrainian Activists who were imprisoned during COP15

    Cпустя месяц после протестов в Копенгагене беларуские спецслужбы по запросу интерпола начали проводить «личные» беседы с людьми, задержанными в Дании во время саммита по вопросам изменения климата.

    Многим людям, читающим индимедию или просто интересующимся происходящим в мире, вполне известно то, что в декабре произошло в Копенгагене. Новости большинства медийных компаний (даже корпоративных) пестрили заголовками о неимоверных нарушениях мусорами прав человека на улицах датской столицы во время протестов.
    Для нас это давно уже не секрет, что власти в случаях опасности могут поджимать так называемые гражданские свободы ради сохранения своего статуса. В Копенгагене «демократическая» машина запада показала, на что она способна (подобное происходит так же очень часто в США и прочих странах, однако не придается такой огласке из-за значительно меньших масштабов происходящего)

    Все бы так и прошло, и люди продолжили бы верить в демократию, а те кто протестовал продолжили бы свое сопротивление властям, если бы не один факт: во время ареста, многих задержанных фотографировали и собирали о них данные — в целом это неудивительно, каждый раз когда вас задерживают, мусора стараются собрать как можно больше информации о вас — для того, чтобы в дальнейшем отправить запрос в интерпол. Интерпол, продолжив расследование, передал запросы спецслужбам стран, из которых приехали задержанные. Так у некоторых задержанных из Украины местные спецслужбы начали проверять бумаги, поданные в консульство на визу, приглашать на «личные» беседы для расспроса о причинах поездки.

    Беларуских граждан желание интерпола докопаться до правды то же не обошло стороной. По запросу наши «доблестные» КГБшники начали рыться в жизнях задержанных в Копенгагене людей с той же рьяностью как и украинские спецслужбы. Со времени протестов еще не прошло и месяца, как некоторых из задержанных граждан беларуси начали приглашать в КГБ для все тех же «личных» бесед.

    В конце концов деньги нашим спецслужбам отрабатывать надо как-то, даже выполняя запросы европейских агенств.


    Friday, January 15, 2010