Wednesday, April 7, 2010

International Roma Day at Morze Infoshop

Morze Infoshop presents

'Without Rights'
 a film by TASZ (the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union)

Place: Tűzraktér
Time: 19.30
Date: 8 April: International Roma Day

During the aftermath of murders in Tatárszentgyörgy in 2009 TASZ (the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union) began visiting villages around the town of Ózd to support Hungarian Roma/Gypsies living in the area. With advocacy tools provided by the TASZ (HCLU), they assisted these communities advocate for themselves and effectively fight discrimination.
Why would a local government pass a law that forces clubs to close at 10pm, in an area where the only place open at that time happens to be Romani? How can someone be accused of carrying 700kg of wood on a bicycle? How can a case be labelled as a false alarm when the whole street witnessed a gun being pointed at a pregnant woman? How can the parents of six children be put in prison for two of their children skipping school?

Discussion after the film with Balázs Denes (TASZ) and activists from Amnesty International Hungary

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