Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bridge over the Wadi - Film Screening at the Infoshop

Morze Infoshop Presents:
Bridge over the Wadi (Tomer Heymann&Barak Heymann,2008, 55 min):
movie screening and workshop about a peace struggles of Palestinian and Israeli people.

Time & Date:
19-30, Thursday, March 25

Tuzrakter, Hegedu u. 3: most probably in the Apro ter (the room to the right from the entrance. Just in case, follow the pointers saying 'Bridge over the Wadi'.

For the first time in Israel, a group of Arab and Jewish parents decide to establish a conjoint bi-national, bi-lingual school inside an Arab village.The film follows the school's first year and portrays through the personal stories of its characters, how complicated and fragile is the attempt to create an environment of co-existence against the backdrop of the complicated reality around.

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