Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bologna Burnt in Budapest

On 9 March two events related to Bologna process took place in Budapest: a workshop and a demonstration.

The worksop took place at CEU from 2-30 until 4-00. There were 22 people who attended teh workshop. It started with a speech of Dr. Liviu Matei about Bologna system and its place in higher education, as well as some implications of this system and the need for it. Further, some statistical data were presented by Freddie followed by a discussion about the Bologna system and its positive and negative sides. Afterward, one of the organizers of the Bologna Burns from Vienna told about the preparations in Vienna for the actions and about the autumn occupations of the universities.

At 6 p.m. we moved to Astoria where the demo was to take place. There were around 30 people at the demo. We were holding 3 transparencies:
"Nobody asked us -"
"B.A.? M.A.? BSc? MSc? Minket nem kérdeztek!"
"As oktatas nem elado - Education is not for sale"
Although it was pretty cold outside, we managed to stay there around one hour. During this time we were discussing the Bologna system, its implementation in Hungary, the activism of Hungarian students etc. All the passers by seemed to be interested in waht was going on, and some were also approaching us and we were explaining the meaning of the demo.

Despite the fact it was not that umerous, we strongly believe that it was a good start for raising consciousness of students in Hungary and a contribution to internetional students' movement.
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