Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nuclear Energy? No, Thanks

Recent Earthquakes in Japan that caused numerous disasters, the most striking one is Chernobyl #2. It happened quite close in time to the 15th anniversary of the Chernobyl catastrophe... There were several explosions at Fukushima nuclear plant, the first one happened on the 12th March, the 2nd was observed on the 14th of March. Surprise-surprise, but the scenario repeats itself in a way that there is almost no information about real situation with the nuclear plant and most of the facts are being kept secret.
Media coverage:
1st explosion
2nd explosion
Current situation
About the crisis in Japan
Overall situation

This is what Indymedia says:
A gigantic earthquake and subsequent tsunami struck Japan on 11 March. Thousands of people were buried under buildings or died in the flooding. In many of Japan's more than 50 nuclear reactors cooling systems broke down. This caused several hydrogen explosions and at least partial fuel rod meltdowns in the reactor blocks one to three of the Fukushima Daiichi nuke. Around the globe the high-risk technology and its future are being protested against and debated . Switzerland is putting a moratorium on construction of new nuclear power plants. In neighbouring Germany the Neckarwestheim nuke will be closed down permanently and seven other old ones temporarily. On Monday 14 March more than 110,000 people demonstrated against nuclear power in more than 450 towns across Germany. Update 15.03. 14:30: In the cooling basin of Block IV fire broke out, radioactivity got into the atmosphere. High radiation levels are measured, personnel were evacuated from the control room. Cooling in Blocks V and VI is not working properly.

So, the country is in a big tragedy now...
Environmental activists keep on protesting against nuclear power...
And what about Budapest? Aha, on Monday Green Peace Hungary just organizes a peaceful candle lightning for the victims of the Japanese catastrophe.

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