Thursday, March 3, 2011

Antifascist Demo in Budapest

The Hungarian Neo-Nazis organized a demonstration on 12h of February, so-called Day of Honor 2011:  in the capital of Hungary, Budapest. They had a demo in the Northern part of the city far away from the centre.

Antifascists of Budapest planned to organize a counter demo, but as the place of the neo-nazi demo was not announced in advance, but one hour before the demo start, the antifa demo was agreed to be held in the centre of Budapest. Unfortunately, the neo-nazi demo was to far away to block it, but the antifa demo in the centre had its advantage, namely that more people can see an antifa demo, as there are more people in the centre.

Antifascist struggle, inherently tied with struggle against all the other sorts of social oppression and exploitation, is of outmost importance. The fight against fascism will have no future if it is not closely tied to the struggles of workers, migrants, students for dignity and liberation. To change something we need to change everything.The people who stand up against fascism and racism want to show that we are united and can combat them together!

The antifa demo was held in a form of march from metro "Astoria" to metro "Blaha Lujza ter" on 12 February.

A group of ca. 100 people gathered at Astoria around 4 p.m. There were different people - from young grass root antifa movement and anti-racist activists - to older generation of antifa supporters. The people had various transparencies with messages about neo-nazi movement and it's potential danger for the society to such words as "There are no winners in a war". The demo started with samba drumming, then there were some speeches about the need to held this demo and the way of resistance against neo-nazi movement. Then the demonstrators started going towards Blaha with samba drummers playing revolutionary rhythms. After the group reached the final destination, further speeches were held, and final remarks were made. The final of the demo was drummed with samba rhythms.

The flyer with the description of the aims of the demo and situation in the country that called the need for antifascist and antiracist resistance can be found here (in Hungarian).



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