Sunday, March 6, 2011

Counter G8/G20 Mobilisation in France – Call of Dijon: Deauville we won’t drink your water

2011. The last “crisis” to date is in its third year. In Europe, the financial and banking systems crisis has become a crisis for States. Having thrown millions at the banks and big business, governments say they
can no longer take on their debts and they organise, with the help of international institutions (IMF, European Bank), austerity plans: cuts to salaries, social welfare and pensions, massive redundancies, privatisation of public services, destruction of social rights… If rebellious movements develop in many more countries like in Greece, Romania, UK, Italy, France, the politics of social rupture have not stopped and are starting to produce their effects. Exploitation and growing inequalities, repression
of migrants and the development of techniques of control, gentrification and ghettoization accompany well-oiled capitalist media propaganda and formidable security policies aimed at maintaining the status-quo and avoiding outbursts.

On a global level, the planet suffers from all kinds of pollution, hunger and thirst concern millions of human beings, wars endure but international institutions and multinational corporations are having a party. Millions suffer whilst their power continues unhindered. These institutions get away with anything under the pretext of “handling the crisis”, and this, without leading to coordinated resistances. It is in this context that the ‘powers-that-be’ are about to come together in Deauville (G8, 26/27 May) and in Cannes (G20 in November).


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