Tuesday, March 8, 2011

8 March Demonstration

8 March Demonstration for Women's Liberation in Budapest!!!

* A small girl tries on high-heeled shoes pretending that she is an adult; to become an adult means to get a gender role.
The 10-year-old, 6 years old or even younger children will produce tiny men and women with help of clothes and toys through, and they are expected to have "girlish" and "boyish" behaviour.

* The girls are usually raised to be as beautiful as it is shown in the media, even if these beauty standards hurt it, even if it takes a lot of time, energy and money to correspond to these standards. If you are a girl or a woman and your legs or arm-pits are not shaved, you will be humiliated, suspected and ridiculed. The cosmetics ads about washing powder and other detergents usually show women who are doing housework, as it is a woman's job to wash and to clean. In contrast, men are usually depicted in the adverts in large cars trying to sell beer and electrical gadgets which usually "do not come together" with an image of a typical women in the society.

* Contemporary teenagers follow the trends they can hear from the pop songs that depict women as servants of men's sexual desires. Such songs and videos are the most popular on YouTube. It seems that everyone accepts this, or maybe people do not even notice that something MUST be wrong with these songs. Isn't it good for everyone just to accept the thought that there are biological differences between men and women that determine the type of behaviour depicted in the pop songs? Isn't it good for women to do what the men expect them to do sexually just because this is "determined by nature"???

* Whenever a women gets the first life opportunity to get into serious relationship with a man, she follows the image of the system and the society: she compromises her dreams and plans by silent obeying to a man's orders and wishes just for the sake of saving a relationship. A single a women in contemporary progressive society is still perceived as a loser.

* The family, the school, but most of all the media tell a woman (who is believed to live longer and to have better health then a man just because by nature a woman has 2 XX chromosomes) to be a servant to an "endangered" man (who has just one X chromosome and one "rare" Y chromosome). If a woman starts the game called "life" she will anyway lose it if she wants some autonomy, as this means to break the rules. Of course, a woman can keep the rules and play the game according to the expectationns of the society which is good for the system, but how good is it for a woman? A clever woman who stands up for her interests and against the patriarchal and sexist system usually is immediately called "a hysterical bitch".

* Currently (2011) 351 males and only 35 females have sits, and the women have to read anti-women bills, and this is their typical task. If a woman and a man have the same job, in average, a woman gets 13% less money than a men. Women engaged in health and legal activities get 25 - 30% lower wages then men, while shop assistants, bank clerks, accountants and consultants get up to 40 - 50% lower wage respectively in the work they are mostly forced to do! This is what companies like nowadays: the job is the same, but you get less money just because you are a woman!

* Have you thought why it is so hard for you as a woman to achieve some goals men can get easily? Why do you have to prove all the time that you are an equal human being who can be perceived seriously without ridiculing by men who see more than a speaking doll in you? Why are your wishes, thoughts and 'logic' of a lower order than men's?

* Why is it better for a woman to be married with an alcoholic man who verbally and physically harasses her every day? Just because without a man she is nobody in this society? Is it safer to have a 'family' with such a man than being single?

* Why a woman should give more care and love to a husband and not to a new born baby? Why a woman is not afraid to lose love of her baby, but she should do her best not lose her 'man' right after the birth of a child?

* Why men always find reasons not to help by household or they just cannot do anything without a woman telling them what to do? In this way the woman is forced to take on the function of “dispatcher,” to organize, distribute and assign tasks for the other “helpers,” through which she her overburdening increases again.

Today, on the 8th of March, most men give you flowers and gifts, and tomorrow they will continue the oppression of women in the same way as before. How do you see the situation? Talk to other women about it, or - if you would like - write to us. Ask for help from others, and help those who live in oppression!

Further info in Hungarian: http://lmv.hu/marcius8

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