Thursday, December 10, 2009

Human Rights Day

Amnesty International Hungary organizes the Human Rights Day on Thursday, Decemebr 10th in Tűzraktér (Hegedű u. 3).


16:00-20:00, Tűzraktér Courtyard: Human Rights Galleryí - experience human rights through someone else's eyes
16:00-24:00, Tűzraktér Café: Letter Writing Marathoní - use your pen to fight human rights abuses! Cafe
16:30-20:30, Human Rights Quizesí: How much do you know about human rights? (new quizzes every hour!)
17:00-19:00, Tűzraktér Kiskávézó: Living Libraryí- challange your stereotypes!
17:30: Human Rights Quiz Level 2
18:00-21:00 Human Righs Charity Market
18:30: Human Rights Quiz Level 3
19:30: Human Rights Quiz Level 4
Humana Human Rights Journal
AI posters exhibition in the Couryard
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Detailed program can be found at

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