Saturday, December 5, 2009

Antifa Demo in Budapest

The demonstration against murder of Ivan Khutorskoy and neo-nazi movement in Russia started around 4p.m. and lasted for more than one hour. Ca. 30 participatns, mostly red skinheads (a stream of skinhead movement that celarly opposes any racism and nacism and follows clear antifa goals) and antifa activists, gathered in front of the Russian embassy in Andrassy St. in Budapest. It is worth mentioning that this location is rather close to Heroes' sq. - one of the favourite places of Hungarian neo-nazi gathering.

Some participatns of the demo put the portrait of Ivan and an article about him on the fence of the embassy. A bigger portrait of Ivan surrounded by candles and flowers was put on the floor in front of the fence. The participanss gathered around the portrait and commemorated the memory of the murdered antifa activist who was one of the leaders of Russian red skinheads.

The participatns were holding banners "Szolidaritás az orosz antifasisztákkal" ("Solidarity with Russian Antifascists"), "Skins gegen (against) nazis", one antifascist flag and one anarchy flag. After a while, the participants brought the transparency in Russian "How many more people need to die? Enough!"

Everyone was standing in front of the Russian embassy fence, and there was also police, but there was more police than as if it were for a small demo of 30 people, as there was a threat of a possible attac by Hungarian neo-nazis that were indeed circulating around the embassy watching the antifa demo and making their evil plans. Unfortunately, this is the bitter reality that the right for assembly (peaceful demonstration) needs to be protected by police in Hungary.

The passers by were generally interested, and some even stopped to ask what was going on.
This demonstration was an important step to raise awareness of people in Budapest about neo-fascism threat and movement in Russia, as well as to express solidarity with Russian antifa activists.

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