Sunday, May 31, 2009

RAF goes on movie screens!

Yesterday we watched Der Baader Meinhof Komplex, a fresh (2008) film about the activities of RAF (Red Army Fraction), a radical left-wing urban guerilla group.
It just gave me another thought about how radical one should be and shich means should be used to achieve the aims. One can claim to be an anarchist or left-wing activist by just following a certain life-style, talking about philosophy and life, news and historical events. Being an anarchist or left-wing activist does not necesseraly mean getting involved into street actions involving violence. And do te majority of street protests involve violence? Apparently, the state machine tries to supress the protests with violence which causes violence as a response.
The question is: is it possible for a group of activists to achieve something without violence and without becoming a political party? Which means should be used to change the system? Can sacrificing a human life lead to change in the system, is it worth to die for ideas even if tehy oppose teh system which tends to destroy those who fight for those ideas?
There are too many questions, there can be more answers to this...

In the beginning of March one of the 1st generation leaders of the RAF Astrid Proll visited Goethe Institut in Budapest and talked about the RAF and her involvment. I was there, but my impression was that she was too cautios to tell too much, and she diplomatically avoided providing information to some controversial and provoking topics... Her visit coinsided with the Hungarian premiere of Der Baader Meinhof Komplex. More about the event: - scroll down for the RAF entry

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