Saturday, May 9, 2009

Berlin: PoP Subculture

Maybe I was in the wrong places in the wrong time, or maybe Berlin is too free and too open so that the subcultural life is in its blood, but what I saw was a conveyor of various subcultural movements. Maybe this is a first impression.

By the way, as I overslept the morning antifa demo and was trying to find some food at Völksküche on May 1st evening, I saw no violence during the demos. But the demos were good. The first one - at 1p.m. Anticrisis demo that took place in Unter den Linden St. was rather an entertaining one, targeted at wider audience. Moreover, there were other demos in different cities in Europe.

The second - 6p.m. Antifa Demo was more 'classic' with march and speakers and bunch of people following the route. Strangely it dispersed later, but media claim it turned to be violent after dusk:
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