Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Secret is to Begin

Our goal is life. We are free to live it as we want. Nobody can judge us and tell us how to live. We are born free. We have freedom of choice.
Somehow we know all this, but we are not free. In the society we live in it is very hard to be free. You can be free without the society when you escape away from the civilization and live in the nature, cultivate your own self-sustainable garden and live alone or with a community. Live isolated from the society.
If you want to be free within the society, or you want to make the society free, you should believe in what you are doing, and in the power of change.
You are most probably not free. You may have a number of problems, and you may feel totally frustrated about them and injustice in this world. You can just sit there and accuse in your problems the state, the institutions, the society, the environment, bad ecology, family, world order and so on... You can temporary run away from the problems with help pf alcohol, drugs or random sex. You can even justify all of these by such words as "relaxation", "freedom" and "poliamory". This is just an illusion.
You can just chill out and tell everyone how cool you are because you wear political pins, go to punk concerts, live in a squat, and get drunk.
You do not work, you do not do wage labour because you do not want to be exploited and you hate capitalism. But you live with your friends, you do not participate in cost sharing for the flat, you do not cook, you do not clean, you never bring any food home, you hardly ever share anything with your frinds because you do not have anything to share, you use your friend"s laptop for youtubing for the whole day and say that you are busy with fighting capitalism. But you are simply exploiting your friends.
Or you live in a commune, stay away from exploitation by the capitalists and you do not have a wage labour to sustain it, but you charge your guests fixed price for being able to stay overnight.

If you are able to open your eyes and take you butt of the coach, then you may take your life in your hands and START LIVING and START CHANGING THE WORLD AROUND YOU. Just start doing anything you feel positive vibrations inside of you. Do not sit and wait until the world will change itself, it will not. By just sitting and observing you are flowing with the stream of the biomass, and you let others decide about your life and freedom, you let yourself being exploited. They are just overtaking decisions about your life, and at some point you will wake up to demand your freedom, but it can be too late.
Stop adopting to this changing world, let it adopt to you! Be yourself, start doing things, fewer words, more action, take an active side of the life. Start the change, first change yourself, and you will see how teh things around you also start changing, one by one, little by little, and later on the scale will grow, and you will see ho a drop of water creates bigger and bigger circles on the surface of a lake.

Start beliving in impossible, and just act as your heart tells you!
Anarchy Works

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