Wednesday, April 6, 2011

END ANTI-GYPSYISM – The EU must not turn its back on Roma

Public action / Demonstration:

Time: 11.30-13:00, 8 April 2011.

Location: Kossuth square, in front of the Museum of Ethnography, near the Kossuth statue (grassy area)

The 5th European Roma Platform will be held in Budapest, in the Museum of Ethnography, two days after the European Commission has released its Communication entitled “10 years to make a difference: An EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies by 2020”.

We, Roma and pro-Roma NGOs and activists, will gather in front of the Museum of Ethnography to remind EU and Member States' politicians that in order to make a real difference in the lives of Roma they need to address all forms of anti-Roma discrimination and racism. Whilst the details of the framework are being debated, some Roma fear for their lives in their own home, because some member states are not able to provide them adequate protection against racist harassment and attacks. Our aim is to highlight that anti-Gypsyism and discrimination pose the main obstacles to Roma inclusion.

Prior to the demonstration a petition will be handed over to Viviane Reding, urging the EU to take immediate steps countering the racist violence currently affecting Roma:

The demonstration will be joined by the NGOs and activists walking out of the Platform Meeting.

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