Friday, October 9, 2009

Infoshop Event #1 out of Fall-Winter 2009/2010 Series

Today we had an event dedicated to the situation in Serbia, anarcho-syndicalist movement and the Belgrade 6 case. It was the first one out of the series of other events planned for this fall and winter.
After emergency search for an appropriate room at Tűzraktér (it turned out today that the room upstairs we wanted to use was unavailable) we were sent to the basement that turned out to have another room with bike repairing workshop. The Tűzraktér people were very helpful, as they brought us the chairs and an extension for the projector. We made some DIY screen from the Freeshop facilities (yes, there was an old white sheet there and some nice swimming suits) and also managed to install everything by 8.

We had a great presentation and afterwards a fruitful discussion among 10 people together with the presenter. The presentation started with description of orldwode ASI movement, afterwards it came to the situation is Serbia, state policies with regards to different activist groups and minorities (like Roma) and current political situation in the country. Then the Belgrade case 6 was presented, followed up by a discussion about the causes of and possible solutions to this situations.

The overall conclusion was that this case caused more international solidarity (from USA to Australia) and in order to solve it more media attention and international cooperation is needed.
The presentation will appear online soon, so I will add the link to this blog entry later.

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