Friday, August 14, 2009

Antifa Demos on 15 August in Budapest

3 antifa demos are planned in Budapest on 15th of August to protest against the demo dedicated to Rudolf Hass. The latter was officially banned recently, but there are rumors about another smaller nazi demo on the same date.

The 15th of August was planned to be a Day when Hungarian neo-nazis planned to have a demonstration to commemorate the death anniversary of Rudolpf Hass, the Hitler's deputy who committed suicide on 17 August 1987. The neo-nazi groups, such as NS-Hungary that serves as an umbrella organization for 'Blood & Honor' Hungary, 'Pax Hungarica', 'Veres Kard' ('Bloody Sword'), so-called 'Skins Hungaria', and Hungarian Guard (Magyar Garda) supported by right-wing party 'Jobbik' promised to disclose their location only 2 days before the demo. They were expecting support not only from local skinheads and football hooligans, but also from neo-nazi groups from abroad.

Moreover, the general attitude of the Hungarian people towards neo-nazis is becoming more and more positive. Indeed, the situation in Hungary is rather threatening, as more and more people support nationalistic ideas and the anti-Jewish, anti-Roma and anti-homosexuals moods are growing among the population of Hungary. Moreover, Hungarians tend to deem neo-nazis rather as heroes who should liberate the country, while antifa activists are not perceived seriously due to lack of knowledge and information about the antifa movement by ordinary citizens.
This could not pass by the activist antifa groups and therefore finally three antifa demos were planned. One demo is being done by the political party Citizens Against the Far Right (Civilek a Szélsőjobb Ellen Mozgalom), the second one is being prepared by a feminist group and the third one is being organized by "Anti-Racist Mobilization' group that consists of anarchists/antifa activists and their supporters.
Fortunately, the prime-minister Gordon Bajnai banned the nazi demonstration at the end of July, therefore it seemed that there will be only three antifa demonstrations and no neo-nazi one. At some point it turned out that there were planned antifa demonstrations without any neo-nazis present. Unexpectedly it turned out today that a smaller neo-nazi group plans to have a demonstration in one of the parks of Budapest on 15 August. Apparently, this demo will be rather small and it is not clear whether it is legal and whether there will be any police there to either stop or to control the demo.
In any case, even if no neo-nazi takes place, it is extremely important to attract attention of Hungarians and the world community to the current situation in the country and to prevent rowing hatred against Jewish, Roma and homosexuals. It is time to demonstrate real values, to attract people's attention to current problems with growing nationalistic movement in Hungary, to protect human rights of those chosen as victims by neo-nazis. It is time to show solidarity with world antifa movement!

As the antifa movement in Hungary is not that strong, 'Anti-Racist Mobilization' group calls for INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY for the 15 August demo! Remember about it, tell it to everyone you know, come to Budapest on 15 August to support the demo!
The antifa demonstrations are going to start at 3 p.m. on 15 August at Deak square.

Hungary is not for nazis!

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