Thursday, July 16, 2009

Call for Summer of Resistance 2009!

Collapse the security architectures ! Against NATO, G20, G8, Frontex and the “Stockholm Programme”!
"...As the consequence of the collapse of global capitalism around the world, more uprisings are expected. With the recent riots in Greece, Iceland, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, France, Guadeloupe and Lampedusa, the EU became the venue of intense contradictions and militant struggles.

In the numerous directives, bilateral agreements and treaties, of the past few years concerted measures for “ Europe as an area of freedom, security and justice ” , are long ago brought into position against anti-communist resistance and radical projects and movements are covered with investigations and prosecutions for " terrorism " . “ Joint investigation teams ” research - supported by Europol - international networks. Manuals and databases on “ Troublemakers ” will be bring protests at major international events under control.

Resistance against the increase in surveillance and control, against repression and anti-riot is still stuck too much often on a national level.
Therefore we call to push the development of a transnational struggle against the “ security architecture ” , in 2009 at several cross-border mobilizations, whether they are timbered by the NATO, G8 or EU..."

For the whole CALL visit GIPFELSOLI

By the way, Gipfelsoli is an anti-G8/20 portal with fresh news from all around the world concerning the summits.

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